Saturday, January 10, 2009

Microsoft abusing it's update service once again

Internet Explorer 8 is coming around the corner.

Currently in beta, the next version of web browser was put on all public computers in the recent TechEd ITpros Europe 2008, where delegates were swearing over the unusability of the web browser: The browser crashed everytime you made "paste" in the address bar (no joke, I tried this multiple times on multiple computers), and I myself couldn't perform an important money transfer in my online bank due to bugs in the web browser).

Now once again, Microsoft will push the new version of IE out to unknowing customers as a "critical update". This I think is a real abuse of the update service, since most customers consider critical updates to actually be critical. Now they are getting in the way of Microsoft's marketing machine, which once again will cause compatibility problems for thousands of their customers, just to push out their inferior web browser instead of letting customers choose themselves. Oh, did I mention it will be pushed out to servers too? Really smart, MS.

Yes, I know there is an "opt-out tool" available, but come on: The people who know how to use it are barely the people who need it.

To conclude this blog post, I have a message to Microsoft: Stop abusing your update service, and let customers choose themselves!


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